four lego minifigs and letters LM made of lego bricks

Keeping Up by Girl Awesome

Hi! I’m Girl Awesome, friends with Narloh. We met at homeschool co-op and became friends. I like building forts, worlds in Minecraft and playing video games with them.

I started a YouTube channel based on unboxing toys. Sometimes when I had new toy to unbox, we had to wait a day or two until we could make a video about unboxing that item. That made me feel impatient to have to wait days so I can just open a toy. I thought it might seem boring to watch someone open a toy. So I went on to film how to do basic RainbowLoom bracelets. My view rate was 2-5 views per video. My big success was when I unboxed a new RainbowLoom loom which got 115 views.

I decided to do some taekwondo videos for white belts. Then I realized I wanted to read some stories to kids that I wrote during the Covid-19 “stay at home” time because we can’t go to the library to get some books. When I did 2 read aloud stories, it made me feel a lot better about doing more videos on YouTube.

four lego minifigs and letters LM made of lego bricksI also did an Instagram account, too. That was my best spot for Lego. I posted an Instagram photo of a Lego skittles vending machine I created, and I was surprised when some of the competitors in Lego Masters Australia liked it. It was good doing Lego on Instagram and it made me feel good.

Making Bacon-egg-bagel casseroleI learned cooking by looking at a recipe that I found in a book about World War II. I made a “make do cake,” which is a cake without eggs and milk, because those were rationed during WWII and not always available, but sometimes you wanted a cake even if you didn’t have eggs or milk. You could say that is hard because the eggs and milk are important parts of a cake. I used oil and baking powder instead. This also made the cake vegan.

I made some other stuff too. Like Lemon-Rosemary Chicken and Potatoes in foil packs, and Bacon-Egg-Bagel Casserole.