Personal Project Day

…or as we like to call it, Generic Task Day, because it apparently sounds funny.

You can use this task day again and again.

Choose a subject. Choose something you don’t know too much about. I mean, it could be something you are interested in, or not, but it shouldnt be something you are already an expert in, because the aim of this day is to learn new things.

You should:

  • learn about a new topic – facts and figures
  • refine your research skills (Internet skills)
  • expand your range of sources (books, people, primary resources)
  • improve your presentation skills (handwriting, software, other fine motor such as cutting)
  • investigate artistic ways of presenting information (painting, collage, photography, music)
  • develop oral presentation skills (oral presentation, youtube video, information report)
  • learn new things ‘ad infinitum’ (To infinity; endlessly; on and on without end)

Activity One

Choose a topic.

You could:

Activity Two

Choose some ways to present information (I suggest three to four).

Task List:

  • Informational leaflet
  • Poster
  • Computer presentation (Powerpoint, video, Prezi, etc…)
  • Oral presentation (in front of a small audience, one to one, video based, online)
  • Painting.
  • Drawing.
  • Collage.
  • Multimedia
  • compose a song / musical piece.
  • Photography
  • Non-fiction writing / instructional piece.
  • Story.
  • Poem.
  • Drama / play / script / dance.
  • Craft (sewing / crochet / woodwork etc…).
  • Cooking.
  • Mapwork (label a map, create a map, use a map to plan a trip).
  • Make a model.
  • Any other way of presenting information.

Activity Three

Planning for Feedback

Decide how you will receive feedback from your ‘audience’.


  • paper questionnaire
  • online questionnaire
  • verbal Q & A session
  • written response
  • star rating
  • informal chat
  • formal grade

Activity Four

Collate your tasks.


Activity Five


Collect your feedback.

Activity Six

Wrap up!

Bring your project to a close by gathering together the tasks in one place. Produce cover sheets or contents pages if you think it helps, or store it in a digital manner. Don;t forget to include any feedback you receive.

Complete a simple personal reflection. This could be in a journal or a blog entry, or in a more specific format. I may add some examples later of good ones that you develop.