The Power Ball Lottery Ticket

In Arlo and Niah’s room. Arlo and Niah were siting down playing lego.

Then slug cat and Godzilla hat slugged into the room and slug cat had some thing in his mouth.So i took it out and looked at it and it was a lottery ticket and godzilla hat had a nickel.So i scratched the paper of had i had no idea slug cat and Godzila hat just got three cherries.

They just won 999,999,99$ 99 cents!Witch is 1 billion$ for short.(1 billion Euros in England).

Arlo,slug cat,niah and Godzilla hat are all agreed that they would split the money.

But slug cat and Godzilla hat left me and niah 250- thousand to split and they got 750 thousand but they mind controlled me and niah and took all the money and spent it on a space ship with every thing from SIFI movies and blew up Saturn:(.(they were indestructible.)

Saturn exploded and slug cat and godzilla hat watched the action and then had an idea.they went to earth and said to the worlds best scientist and said they blew up Saturn and asked i they would make Pluto not a dwarf planet so they had a talk and the scientist said ok slug cat and godzilla hat had a party!

!   THE    END  !