Water Cycle Day

Welcome to Water Cycle Day

Aim & Objectives

To develop understanding of and model:

  • the water cycle


Curriculum Link

Uk National Curriculum: KS2: Human and physical geography

Session One – The Water Cycle

Watch a review of the Water Cycle before starting. Create a plan before logging into Minecraft to build your models.

Activity One:

Use Minecraft to create a model of the water cycle.

Guiding Ideas & Questions:

How does water change over time via the Water Cycle?

What is the water cycle?

How can I use Minecraft to model the process that happen in the water cycle?

Requirements and Assessment Value for your build:

  • Sign with each group members’ name (10 points)
  • labels, signs or other way to designate each step of water cycle (20 points)
  • definitions for each step of water cycle (20 points)
  • all builds must include evaporation, condensation and precipitation (10 each=30 points)
  • Builds can include: sublimation, transpiration, surface run off, infiltration and percolation (4 each=20 points)

Final grade /100

Final grade /100

Extension – Quizzes

Quiz One

Quiz Two

Wrap Up – Review

Complete this review. It helps with future planning.